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Color Restoration & Repair Specialists

Color Glo Regina is one of the most reliable companies in the area to repair stone chips, body scratches, faded paint, and bumper cracks. Our technology, which includes our innovative paint system, restores these conditions and many others. We touch up, buff, shine, paint bumpers and small damaged areas to create a renewed appearance. We revitalize and restore convertible tops. For your interior, we are your color dying experts, repairing and re-dying leather, vinyl, cloth, plastic, velour, and carpet. We also repair cigarette burns. Vehicles that have been restored in this manner have a higher resale value and are more appealing to both dealers and private owners. Color Glo Regina can save you money, creating the same results as an extensive custom paint job for a lot less.

If your vehicle has been damaged due to an accident or vandalism, we provide a low cost alternative for making repairs covered under insurance and warranty claims. We also do warranty work for furniture stores and other companies. Deodorizing is also a service option for any surface ranging from auto and recreational vehicle interiors, to residential homes, to commercial offices—we can remove smoke, pet odor, and any other unpleasant odor from fabric. Our mobile technicians can come to you and make the repairs you need in your home or business.

Residential & Commercial Furniture Repair

Color Glo Regina’s restoration techniques can be used to repair furniture in hotels, restaurants, and offices, along with medical exam tables in any of these types of buildings. For homes, we have the solutions for leather and vinyl furniture, leather jackets, leather shoes, leather accessories, including purses.


Automotive restoration services are Color Glo Regina’s specialty, repairing or re-dying seats, door panels, dashboards, consoles, convertible tops, carpeting, and etc.

Recreational Vehicles

If you have a motorcycle, snowmobile, or RV, we repair the interior and exterior surfaces, such as plastic panels, linoleum, sofas & chairs, etc.

Aviation & Marine

Color Glo Regina works with private owners and commercial companies to repair planes and marine vessels. We repair seats, headliners, leather trim, cockpit dashboards, carpeting, boat tops, engine enclosures, and other areas.

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